Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Aromatherapy | How to clean your diffuser

Do you know about my aromatherapy addiction?

Well, it's year round. And when seasons change, so do the scents I use in my ultrasonic diffuser. In the summer, I love the citrus blends like lemon, orange and lime. So, I bought some last week. They are invigorating scents and give the right amount of "pick-me-up" when I'm having a blah day.

When it's time to change oils in the diffuser, it's also time to clean it.

To clean the diffuser, I use a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad. Do not use soap to clean your diffuser.


1. Unplug the diffuser and empty out the contents. Emptying the chamber of water and the essential oil blend on a regular basis is important. Bacteria and mold can grow in the diffuser chamber which will spread into the air if you run a dirty diffuser.

Cleaning the diffuser

2. Moisten a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol.

Cleaning the diffuser

3. Clean the entire receptacle and the cover with the moistened cotton pad.

Cleaning the diffuser

4. Air dry.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your ultrasonic will allow you to use a whole bunch of different essential oils and keep your machine running for a long time.

Have a good day! To a healthier you!

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