Monday, June 13, 2016

Make It On Monday | Project Life 2016 May

Hello! I'm taking a page from Cathy Zielske and presenting a scrapbook layout each Monday. This may become a regular feature, but I'm not making any promises.

I finished my May Project Life pages! Since switching to a monthly format last year, I feel less pressure to take daily or weekly photos and have witty journaling to accompany each photo. Now, I look at my monthly collection of photos on my smartphone and take my inspiration from there.


This monthly method may not work for you. Perhaps, you want to keep a detailed daily or weekly record of your year. Perfectly fine. Scrapbooking and Project Life are not here to judge your choices. They shouldn't. You're keeping a record of something, right?


For these layouts, I am using the Project Life Childhood mini kitTravel theme kit and the Midnight Edition. I'm not sure if the Childhood mini kit is still available. I purchased the mini kit a few years ago when Z was just a baby.

We did a lot of outdoor activities in May: camping in the backyard, buying a lemon tree, gardening, biking and eating. When the weather warms up just a bit in Vancouver, you can bet we will find ways to be outside!


My boys are growing up too quickly. A part of me misses the baby stage, but another part of me is happy to see them learning and making (age-appropriate) choices.


I wish I had added some physical embellishments somewhere on these pages, but I couldn't find anything to fit my theme in the stash. Maybe next month?

How are your Project Life layouts? Physical or digital? Let me know in the comments!

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