Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 One Little Word | Embrace

It's finally here! My ring with my 2016 word which this year is EMBRACE.

2016 Word

Why embrace? The word came to me at the end of 2015, after Christmas. I had several words floating around in my head and had not considered "embrace" until it popped into my head.

The word, embrace, seemed fitting in regards to the struggles I have been experiencing on a personal front for the last 5-6 years. You may have noticed that my blogging and creativity decreased around that time. It's easy for me to blame having young children, house moves, a demanding career, but, really, that's just window dressing for the personal turmoil I have raging in me.

2016 Word

I will not go into the specifics of this issue. It's enough of an issue that it causes great pain, embarrassment and suffering to me as I am faced with it on a regular basis. It's truly the total and complete disregard of the individuals involved and their complete disrespect for others that angers me... and I'm tired of being angry.

I read this post on zen habits a couple of years ago. It resonated with me enough to print it out and keep near me everytime I was feeling angry, disappointed, ashamed.

Now, I've decided to EMBRACE whatever life and people throw at me. I attended a seminar recently and one of the speakers said, "Embrace every opportunity... even the ones that look like lumps of coal." And that's my goal this year. To embrace all of life's possibilities and disappointments and turn them from coal into diamonds.

Ring purchased from and customized by Baubles & Beads.

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