Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 One Little Words


Ask. Believe. Receive.
Those were my words for 2015. I began reading The Secret in 2014 and it was eye-opening. Now, there are many out there who think that The Secret is hokey and full of nonsense. Perhaps. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and, while I may not buy into everything that The Secret purports, I was really struck by the intention.
The intention of asking. What are we asking for? Is it a want, a need, something special? Why are we asking? For ourselves. For our loved ones. For no reason.
The intention of believing. What do we believe? Do we believe that good things, ideas, love, material wealth is coming our way? Do we believe we are not worthy of goodness?
The intention of receiving. Are we open to receiving what we’ve asked for – the gift, the desire, the need, the want? Do we deserve to receive such things?
What I took away from reading the book is that everything that a person puts out into the universe requires intention, connection and focus to receive good things. While I’m not an expert on The Secret or can claim to have it work for me, I can say that I am in love with the idea one intentionally asks and believes, one can receive good things into their life. Whether one wins a lottery windfall from doing that is not something I am prepared to or even care to discuss. Each person has their own goals, needs, wants, desires and must figure out on their own how to get to their ``happy place``.
The most important thing from this One Little Word(s) exercise for me is to find a real connection to the word(s) I choose. With the exception of 2014, I would choose a word, but find I couldn’t connect to it. I chose to notice the distractions around me rather than focus on the word. Now, after a few years of participating in this challenge, the words are starting to connect and find meaning altogether. Simplify. Minimalist. Savour. Ask. Believe. Receive.

2015 was good to me from a professional point of view. Real positive change was made as far as my career was concerned and I am ecstatic with the direction my career is taking. As far as my relationships on a personal front, it is still a struggle. I'm sure I overthink many things, but when one feels wronged and hurt by others and the feelings are dismissed, it's easy to overthink the issues one faces. Nonetheless, despite this struggle, I have much to be grateful for - my spouse, children, good health, are the first to come to mind.

I`ve chosen a word for 2016. Just one word. I`ll share it once I receive my personalized word ring.

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