Friday, July 25, 2014

The Story So Far Part II

Part I starts here.

2014 Garden

Here I am in the present. The present looks like this.

Living in a very cluttered, partially unpacked house. You don't need photos to imagine the chaos that is my world.

Caring for a 4-year old boy and a 7-month old baby boy. Mommy is outnumbered.

Breastfeeding a 7-month baby boy who shows very little interest in solid foods. There seems no cause for alarm as he is nearly 20 lbs. Healthy as can be. Did I mention he was premature? Born a month early.

Loving our Marpole neighbourhood. Exploring the library, grocery store, restaurants and loads of coffee shops that are within minutes from my front door. No driving!

Gardening everyday. Weeding, composting, watering, harvesting.

Playing outside with both boys. The 4-year old has far too much energy and imagination for me to keep up.

Documenting our daily life using Project Life slowly, but surely. Trying to keep supplies to a minimum and using only one album for the entire year.

Savouring the rest of my maternity leave. Savouring my little baby. Possibly my last baby.

Wishing and willing time to slow down just a little.

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