Monday, October 24, 2011

18 Months Old

Hi! I'm Baby Z. I am 18 months old. My mommy hasn't had a lot of time to blog lately. Mostly, that is because of me.

I am into everything. Mommy spends a lot of time making sure I stay out of trouble. But what she doesn't see me doing....hehehe...

18 months old

Mommy bought me a new car seat because I am finally big enough to be in a big boy seat and face forward. I can see so many more things when I face forward. Trees, birds, houses. I really enjoy seeing Mommy when she drives.


I have recently discovered coloring. Mommy only gives me two crayons at a time and I am only allowed to color on paper, but it's more fun to color on myself and on the walls.

Reading a Book

Everyday, we read a book. I love looking at the same books over and over again. Sometimes, Mommy reads a story and other times, I make up my own story. It's always fun when it's story time!

Thanks for visiting! Hopefully, my mommy will have more time soon to create and post projects.


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