Tuesday, August 23, 2011

365: Weeks 32 + 33

Not many beach days left...

For the past couple of weeks, we have been eating our dinner outside and taking advantage of the amazing beaches near our home.

Beach Days 2011

Baby Z does not like sand on his feet. His solution?

Beach Days 2011

Sitting on the very edge of the beach blanket to play with the sand.

This ensures minimal sand contact with the feet. For some reason, his hands, mouth and head can have full contact with the sand. Strange child...I know.

Beach Days 2011

Sometimes, we chase seagulls with a bottle of milk...

Beach Days 2011

or relax in a nice comfy beach chair and watch the sun set. Excuse me? Wasn't that chair meant for Daddy??

Beach Days 2011

Most days, we eat our snacks and spend some quality time together.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!


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