Monday, July 18, 2011

How to pick cherries

Last week, we went cherry picking at Casa Dell Mell, an orchard in Osoyoos, BC, where my family has been picking cherries for several years.

This was Baby Z's first visit as well as his daddy's so it was exciting for both of them.

Baby Z really enjoyed running around the orchard, picking fresh fruit right off the tree and eating it. When he wasn't trying to denude a cherry branch, he would find alternate methods to eat cherries.

Here are Baby Z's best tips.

Cherry Picking in Osoyoos

Step 1: Find a stick and poke around the basket of cherries mommy and daddy have already gathered. Be thorough. Be sure to poke as many cherries as possible with that stick. Bury the stick beneath the cherries to hide any evidence of your interference. Plus, it gives mommy and daddy a great surprise later when they empty the box.

Cherry Picking in Osoyoos

Step 2: Choose the largest, juiciest cherries. The juicier, the better, as the juice dripping from your mouth will create a dark, mostly permanent stain on your clothing.

Cherry Picking in Osoyoos

Step 3: Bite into the cherry of choice. Savor each bite and enjoy every moment. Don't forget to spit out the pit. Repeat step one.

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