Monday, May 2, 2011

Crafting with a 12-month old

I have been MIA lately for a number of reasons.
  1. It's the NHL Playoff season and my team ~ the Vancouver Canucks ~ are still in the thick of things.
  2. It's tax season and that's just plain yucky.
  3. I've returned to my day job which leaves me exhausted at night. Thus, no scrapping or posting.
  4. I have an EXTREME lack of mojo. None at all.
So, until I can find some energy and create again, I will show you what happens when a 12-month old decides to craft with mommy:

Painting with a baby

DISASTER! CHAOS! MESS! Although the process was fun, getting the paint of that wriggly body was not. Baby Z had a blast, of course.

Thanks for visiting.



  1. Sounds a wee bit hectic. Hopefully you get back into the scrapping soon when you recover from the initial shock to the body of being back at work xo

  2. LOL - that's hilarious and so true.. at least it's paint - let's just say that with two boys, I have lots of experience with VERY yucky 'painting materials'... :P


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