Tuesday, March 1, 2011

365: Week 8

I've been a little MIA when it comes to Project Life, but I'm catching up!

Here's a peek at last week:

J Studying

J studying for his midterms. Ha! He'll freak out when he sees this picture.

Baby Z 1st bruise

Baby Z and his first bruise. A sad story which, when I recover from the incident, I will share. He's happy and bouncy once again.

Baby Z & the banana

Discovering the banana peel.

Baby Z plays!

All smiles. His bruise is healing fast.

Stampin Up regionals

A very blurry picture of Shelli Gardner, CEO of Stampin' Up! I attended the Vancouver Regionals on Saturday and had a blast.

Play along with Project Life at The Mom Creative.

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  1. oh...I remember R's 1st bruise. With this new one, he seems to develop one without any notice :o(


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