Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On My Desk

I was away last week, but I'm back in full force now.

Workdesk 68

I am getting started on Halloween. I broke out the candy wrapper die and the plan is to stuff the candy wrapper with treats for the trick-or-treaters.

As seen in the photo, I'm into making pansies using a butterfly punch. See the previous post for details. It's become somewhat obsessive. I started with purple and blue, but now I am branching out into orange, yellow and red.

Thank you all for your suggestions on where to get spray adhesive. I've found some, but I still haven't touched the fabric panels.

Some Baby Z:


Trying to get some 5-month old portraits.

Baby Z reads

He reads!! He must be a genious. LOL. The book ended up in his mouth immediately after I took the photo.

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  1. Aw, what gorgeous photos. Your Halloween treats are going to be lovely. S (13)

  2. Good luck getting your treats done. Baby Z is so cute - and so clever! (19)

  3. I love the pansies and baby is absolutely a little gem.
    Have a good week.
    Sue xx 8

  4. thanks for sharing your fab space with us and your little man is growing even cuter happy WOYWW love Liz 24

  5. It'#s never too early to start them reading. :-) Love your photos.
    A x

  6. The pansies look intriguing, and those photos are sooooo gorgeous, what a lovely baby!

  7. Hi Sheila
    oh your treat looks interesting, aww lovely piccies of baby z, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (3)

  8. gorgeous baby pics & those pansies, well I'm going to have go read your other posts to see how you do it ! thanks for sharing :D
    I'm at No.65 if you fancy a coffee on your blog hopping :D

  9. Morning Sheila, Baby Z is so cute! thanks for sharing your pic's i'm off for a nosey at your pansy post.
    have a wonderful wednesday!

  10. Bless! What a beautiful baby!
    Love the pansies - will have snoop to see how to make them!

  11. The pansies are fab...need to learn how to make them. The baby piccies are sooo sweet! Pam (6)

  12. I swear they have a die for everything these days. Love the candy wrapper die. And of course that adorable son of yours. Missed you last week. Happy WOYWW from # 2.

  13. An organised crafter, that's what I like to see. Clever Baby Z obviously takes after his mummy!


  14. Your Halloween treats are gonna be great and just lovin the baby z pics :)
    *hugs* Heather x (41)

  15. Hi Sorry this is a quick cut & paste but not too well and wanting to let as many as possible know I have visited. I am going to read all blogs on my blackberry when I have a lie down but can't comment very well & can't sit for too long at laptop to type - sorry seems little impersonal but all explained on my blog

    Candace (#43) x

  16. Baby looks really cute!and your treats look super, (don't muddle them up!!)
    Have a great woyww

  17. Aaaah bless what a little sweetie, reading his book, gorgeous pictures. Great idea for the Halloween treats and nice of you to make them for the children that come knocking. Have a good evening, Tracy Evans, No. 17

  18. Halloween! No Halloween for us! Your sneak peak is already promising

  19. Bless him he is such a cutie - love the look of the halloween treat bags too. Sunshine Girl (28)

  20. Hi Baby Z nice to see you again. As for Mom's treat boxes, they are going to be filled with goodies and fun to do. #98

  21. Oh how lovely, he's getting so cute. xxx for him. Love your pansies. Your Halloween treat boxes are going to be great. Hugs JO.xxxx

  22. Love your pansies - any chance of a tutorial?
    Thanks for commenting on my log s glad I don't have a baby awake at night any more mine started nursery this week and she is very tired (111)

  23. I am guessing your Halloween treat holders are going to be like crackers - am I right?

  24. Your Halloween goodies sound as though they're going to be fun! Love your pansies, they are so lifelike. Wouldn't they be good to make with tissue paper too - if the punch could cut it that is.
    Your baby is one cutie!

    (Thanks for already visiting my desk - 103)

  25. The desk is calm and clean and ready for creating! Enjoy and thanks for commenting on my blog!

  26. That die looks like fun. Is that the one by Stampin Up?

  27. Hi Sheila, thanks for popping by my blog.
    Ah such a little cutie - he's obviously following those wise words 'Read, learn and inwardly digest' (though I've just discovered this is slightly misquoted but fits the bill)
    What a great idea using your butterfly punch to make the pansies
    Anne xx

  28. Have fun making your Halloween treats and the baby pics are beautiful.

    A.xx (38)

  29. oooooh gorgeous baba!!!

    I was broody already but now it's off the scale!


  30. Oh baby Zac, what a darling, you just want to scoop him up! I like the pansies - have to go back for a better look..you put a lot of work in for your trick or treaters - how lovely.


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