Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On my desk, confessions & sleep-training...

Remember the scraps of paper on my messy desk from last week? Well, I decided to turn them into this...

Workdesk 57 1

Matchbox favors for my son's baptism which is in just a couple of weeks. Yes, I had that much scrap paper. How convenient that they are the recently retired Stampin' Up! In Colours.

Workdesk 57 2

If you've been following my blog, may you'll remember the invites on my desk from the week before? Well, the invites and the favors don't match. Why? Because I ran out of the cardstock that I used to make the invites and I forgot to order more. Now, I can't because Close to Cocoa is a retired color. Besides, this change in colour scheme makes everything a little bit more funky. The guests can fight over which colour box they want, but does it matter? The contents are all the same. But I know my family, they will argue that one matchbox has better stuff than the other matchboxes. Hello? Family? Are you reading this? The contents of the box are all the same.

In my past life, pre-Baby Z, I would have cared about colour coordination. Everything, down to the table linens, would have matched even if I had to dye it myself. As a sleep-deprived, insomniac first-time mom, it doesn't matter anymore.

Baby Z is now 12 weeks old & I have learned quite a bit this short amount of time. Allow me to elaborate:
  • I am a first-time mom. I know nothing. Somedays, I am running on pure adrenaline.
  • Nothing brings you to your knees faster than a baby with glass-shattering, ear-piercing screams at 3 AM. I surrender. You, Baby Z, are, indeed, the boss.
  • Baby Z rarely naps. If he does, it's 20-minutes at a time. Sometimes, 30 minutes. This is to fool me into thinking that I will have time to indulge in a leisurely breakfast/lunch/snack or maybe linger in the shower for a little longer. Sometimes, I, foolish Mommy, think that I can start a scrapbook layout. HA! I have not scrapbooked since March.
  • 12 Weeks Old
  • Sleep-training makes me laugh. Sleep-training makes Baby Z laugh, cry and then scream. I've read all the books. Yes, I'm aware that Baby Z is too young to sleep-train, but I should attempt to put him to sleep "drowsy, but awake". I must be doing something wrong. My efforts have yielded nothing. Read this post here.
  • Sometimes, Baby Z sleeps for more than 4 hours at night. That's when I forget I have a child and begin making a card or thinking about scrapbooking. He quickly reminds me.
  • I am amazed at how little sleep I need to function. That's function. Not act like a normal human with a range of emotions. Most days, I am blank.
  • Well-meaning friends have suggested that I try to do some work while Baby Z plays. Maybe he can entertain himself. OK. You try that. See his sweet face below. It's hard to ignore and resist.
  • 10 Weeks
  • If I do ignore him, he will attempt to grab my attention by smiling, grunting, squealing and, of course, screaming.
  • I get weak when Baby Z smiles.
  • 9 weeks
  • Motherhood is an amazing journey and I am blessed that my son chose me to be his mom.

If you made it this far, thanks for stopping by and indulging me in my rant.

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  1. Cute Baby! I see he has you under his spell.


  2. Oh, Baby Z is adorable, and your post made me smile. Love the boxes you made so clever.

  3. that is such a sweet looking baby, just try to chill'ax (trendy word) about eveything, enjoy your baby, plenty of time in the future for eveything else

  4. I totally understand. The UN lists sleep deprivation as an actual torture you know. It's hard...but it starts to get better and the phase moves from 4 hours to five hours to six - somethime before you've had a chance to notice. I think it's a miracle that you get anything done beyond shower and dress, so good for you. As for that baby Z..well, that's the problem isn't it - we would all forgive him anything!
    Your favours are gorgeous. You're right about the colours; it doesn't matter, and hey, the double score is the use of the scraps - amazing!

  5. Ah, it may be almost 30 years ago but I remember those day like yesterday and I still don't know how I got through with so little sleep. Great isn't it?!?

    He's a beautiful little fella and so worth every sleep deprived minute.

    Love your multicoloured favour boxes. They're really funky.

    Lesley Xx

  6. your favour boxes are AmAzIng! And what a beautiful little man you have there, savour every minute, life's different with a new baby, but wonderful. I remember not being able to get out of the house before 11am as it took so long to get dressed etc lol

  7. I totally enjoyed your post because:
    a) it was sentimental
    b) it brought a smile to my face
    c) it made me laugh
    d) it made me soooooooo glad I only have a cat!!!

    Love those matchbox decorations. I am not into stamping, but I have some of that Stampin Up reinker ink that has been discontinued. Go figure! Happy belated WOYWW.


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