Thursday, July 28, 2016

Project Life 2016 | June

As July draws to a close, I present June Project Life pages.

There's not much to describe. I found some embellishments that lay flat! They must have been at least 8 years old. I guess, in this case, hoarding supplies has some benefit.

June Project Life 2016

June Project Life 2016

June Project Life 2016

June Project Life 2016

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

WOYWW | Sewing

Hello and happy Wednesday!

It's been a pretty normal week in my household. Normal, being chaotic and frenzied, of course.

Last time, I gave you a tour of my craft space. Yes, that is my son's former bedroom, now my room. Thank you for your comments.

This week, I am sewing! Something I haven't done in a long, long time. Let's not be hasty...I am not making an outfit or quilting or anything remotely fun. I am rekindling the lost art of hemming pants. Yup, it's true.

My husband bought several pairs of pants over the weekend and he needed to have them taken up a bit. After learning that it would cost $15 to hem one pair of pants, I decided to take over part of the dining room (my crafts and hobbies are taking over the whole house!) and set up shop.

The trusty Pfaff. My mother purchased the machine several years ago and it still works like a dream. Just like scrapbooking, I am a messy sewist.

Sewing Machine

My serger/overlocker. I purchased this Pfaff Hobbylock as a birthday gift to myself three years ago. I'm sure there are fancier ones out there, but I really enjoy how easy this machine is to thread and operate.

Serger - 2016

Toys. Knicknacks. My little guys love to be near Mommy when she is crafting or sewing. I don't mind it either. One day, they won't want anything to do with me. And I know I will miss the chaos of a messy household when they are gone.

Around the house

Now that the machines are out, I may just try to finish up several projects I have around here.

Thanks for visiting! Have a great week!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Gardening | Leafcutter Bees

My leafcutter bees arrived last week and they are buzzing around my garden, I hope!

Leaf cutter bee

The leafcutter bee is a solitary bee and harmless as long as you don't disturb it. The bee in the photograph is a newly hatched bee. I'm looking forward to learning more about these bees and if they will nest in my artificial nesting chambers.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Meyer Lemon Tree Update 3.0 or so

Lemons are growing!! That's all I have for you today. I'm just so thrilled.

July Garden

Thanks for visiting. Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

WOYWW | Craft room

Hello Wednesday!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a photo of my messy creativity-in-progress craftroom junkroom.

Craft room

I promised I would give a tour of the room. Please bear with me. And ignore the mess.

This room used to be my son's bedroom. I took over the room and sent him to share a bedroom with his brother. The first thing I did was to paint the walls white and buy an orange rug with white polka dots from Ikea. I haven't figured out what to do with window treatments, so my son's owl curtains stay for now.

When you walk in, the large kitchen island from Canadian Tire takes up most of the space. I had good intentions of keeping it organized and not messy, but those intentions quickly flew out the window. Oops.

You'll also see a tall, white CD/DVD tower which acts as clear stamp storage. Each shelf is organized by holiday, event or sentiment. I stop short of alphabetizing my stamp sets.

To the right of the door, I store Project Life materials, my embossing tools and letter stickers in a blue rolling cart. I would have cleaned this up for you, but I'm not fooling anyone by making this tour look  like a magazine layout.

Craft room tour

Inside the closet, I store my cardstock. A rainbow of colours, yes, but I keep a large stock of white, cream, beige and black on hand. My go-to crafting colours. In the boxes, I store ribbons, sizzix dies and envelopes.
Craft room tour
On the left wall, I have a shelf ladder that I purchased from the "as-is" bin at Ikea. I don't know what was wrong with it. It holds my stereo, wooden stamps, some fabric, markers, more Project Life cards and current scrapbooking projects.

Desk craft room tour

A close up.

A random Celine Dion CD in there. I like to be completely mellow and sappy when I craft. It makes for good journalling.
Craft room tour

Underneath the island, I keep all my essential tools. Cutting tools, adhesive, inks, refills, rulers and loads of embellishments. I have SO MANY embellishments, but I loathe to use them. Why am I afflicted with this problem? It should not be so hard to add a rhinestone, brad, button or any thing, really, to a craft, but yet, I can't do it.

Desk craft room tour

And finally, this week's desk. I'm working on another layout. This time, in blue. My notebook is out and some hydrangeas that I coloured with alcohol markers.

Desk craft room tour

If you made it this far, thank you! It was a bit of a crazy tour of such a small space, but thanks for visiting. Please visit others who participate in WOYWW!

I appreciate your comments.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Aromatherapy | How to clean your diffuser

Do you know about my aromatherapy addiction?

Well, it's year round. And when seasons change, so do the scents I use in my ultrasonic diffuser. In the summer, I love the citrus blends like lemon, orange and lime. So, I bought some last week. They are invigorating scents and give the right amount of "pick-me-up" when I'm having a blah day.

When it's time to change oils in the diffuser, it's also time to clean it.

To clean the diffuser, I use a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad. Do not use soap to clean your diffuser.


1. Unplug the diffuser and empty out the contents. Emptying the chamber of water and the essential oil blend on a regular basis is important. Bacteria and mold can grow in the diffuser chamber which will spread into the air if you run a dirty diffuser.

Cleaning the diffuser

2. Moisten a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol.

Cleaning the diffuser

3. Clean the entire receptacle and the cover with the moistened cotton pad.

Cleaning the diffuser

4. Air dry.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your ultrasonic will allow you to use a whole bunch of different essential oils and keep your machine running for a long time.

Have a good day! To a healthier you!

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Garden In July

July started out a bit wet and rainy on the West Coast, but the weather seems to be improving. Can summer finally be here?

I've been away for the last little bit on a short vacation with my family. While I was away, it rained! So, my go-to watering buddy, didn't have to come over as often to take care of the garden.

Here is the garden in July:

A glimpse of the backyard after the rain. Plants looking lush and green.

Garden in July

The herb garden. The scarlet runner beans are climbing up the trellis nicely.

Garden in July

Kale. Shallots in the background.

July Garden

Corn!! There's nothing like fresh corn on the cob!

Garden in July

Corn grown together with wildflowers and leeks. An odd combination, but with a small garden, space matters.

July Garden

And that's it for now. It's time to start thinking about the winter garden...

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